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Know Your Limits, But Test Them

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Let’s face facts, people; none of us are getting any younger! No matter how much we eat right, get plenty of rest, and stay in top physical shape, the passage of time will gradually show itself through the wrinkles on our faces. No one is perfect, and no one will ever defeat Father Time. HOWEVER, this does not mean we cannot look ourselves in the mirror and defiantly choose to test our limits. It’s what I’ve been doing for decades!


I have been boxing since 1999. I was hooked after my first class; I had never experienced a more enjoyable and empowering workout in my life. It is an exhilarating activity that improves your mind, body, and soul, forcing you to face down the obstacle in front of you and improve every time you step into the gym.

But I’m 59 years old now, far older than the typical person in a boxing class. Some would see this as a sign that it is time to slow things down a bit. That’s not me, though. It never has been. Instead of accepting the typical lifestyle of someone my age, I break those stereotypes and challenge myself even more. To this day, I can kick butt like someone half my age (much to the surprise of many members of my boxing class!).

Let’s forget boxing for a second, though. I make it a point to try several different workouts as well, even if they seem impossible (I’m looking at you, HYROX!). Once again, I am typically the oldest member of these classes, whose body has nonetheless stood up to the test of time. Younger members of the gyms I frequent have often told me how inspiring I am to them, how I am changing the narrative in their minds about positive aging.

That’s all I can ask for. The “age is just a number” mentality is one that I have fully embraced, and hope to help others embrace as well. It’s not about how old you are, it’s about how old you feel!

Beauty and Health

Beauty and health are two things I have chosen to focus heavily on. I realize this is not for everyone, but I myself enjoy looking my best at all times, which isn’t always easy at 59! I’ll be up front about this; I have a great plastic surgeon and dermatologist who help me in my endeavor to maintain a fresh appearance. Again, not everyone wants to go to these lengths, but this is what makes me feel good. I encourage others with my mentality to do this as well, but do what makes you feel beautiful!

This is not to say I don’t enjoy myself. I eat right and take care of my skin and body, but I do enjoy my share of cookies and dark chocolate as well. I guess you could say these are my limits when it comes to health and beauty; sometimes I really need those cookies and dark chocolate! Don’t we all?

Be the best you can be!

In the end, the point of everything I do is to be the best I can be. Being 59 doesn’t matter, as my efforts allow me to generate the results of a woman in her 20s or 30s. Is there anything naturally special about me? No. I am no expert in anything, nor do I have any special athletic ability. All I do is test my limits day in and day out.

It takes no talent to test your limits. Go test yours today!


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