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"I am pro-aging lifestyle model  Gail Gensler, changing the narrative around aging through fitness and embracing a healthy lifestyle from a "real woman's" perspective.  

My philosophy of life is that age should never determine one's lifestyle, appearance and most certainly what type of workouts we do.  Fitness has nothing to do with age! 


I embody the concept that a vibrant, healthy life is achievable regardless of age. Age is a mindset, old is an attitude!  Younger generations are inspired by me to embrace aging and my peers are motivated by my passion. 


I am here to break down the barriers of ageism and change how fitness brands in particular look at midlife women. In this age of inclusivity, we are not represented, and it is my goal to be the authentic model representing my powerful demographic. This is the legacy I want to leave."


Long bio

"I  am 61 years young and truly believe that age is just a number. “Senior” indicates a number. Age is about mindset. 


This journey as lifestyle influencer began for me in March of 2020. I've attended fitness events in Miami for many years. It's no surprise that at this point I'm one of the oldest attendees. Countless times younger participants would come up to me and say something like "I don't know who you are, but you were the one I was watching for inspiration!" I realized then that even when you don't know people are watching, they are! Here I am in mid-life inspiring younger generations. They see me performing in “beast mode”, crushing workouts and realize they don't have to fear the years! 

 It was also around this time when I began to notice commercials I was seeing on TV. They were consistently depicting women my contemporary  as either diseased and in need of medication or living very lovely, but sedate, lives. Moreover, all the ads for fitness clothes only portrayed young, skinny women who looked like they never worked out a day in their lives. Totally not relatable! 

 Where were the women like me? Those in midlife still leading active, vibrant, value-adding lives? That's when I knew I needed to raise my voice and change the narrative about aging the best way I knew how: through fitness and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 

 My goal became using Instagram and a personal blog to develop a following of people with whom my message resonates with.  After a few years of tireless pursuit, I'm proud to say I am now a brand ambassador, model, and event organizer and have been on the cover of two magazines. The journey is far from over, though! My end goal is to represent midlife women in the fitness clothing space. In this age of inclusivity, we are still not represented, yet we control 64% of global spending. 

 In my pursuit of this goal, I am changing the narrative about aging from a “real woman's” perspective. I’m not an expert on fitness, supplements, nutrition, skin care, dermatology, plastic surgery, or style; I've just found what works for me to keep myself vibrant and healthy. My belief is that age should never determine one’s lifestyle, appearance, or exercise habits. My hope is that this inspires other midlife women to change their perspective on aging, and adopt my pro-aging mindset. 

 I myself work out six days a week, as it is something I'm passionate about. I primarily focus on boxing, which I have been doing since 1999, but I also mix in HIIT training and am always open to trying new modalities.  

Outside the gym, I have been in the automotive industry since 1986 and am considered a leader in my field. I manage the BDC for sales and service for a dealership and just celebrated my 23nd year. I am also divorced, with one incredible daughter who is 25 and adulting on a grand scale; she is a teacher, homeowner, and is pursuing a Master's Degree. I sadly have lost both my parents in the last five years, but I am grateful, as they both lived into their 90’s.  

 I'm originally from New York (and still identify as a New Yorker in attitude), and have been living in Miami since 1989. My other interests include art, fashion, reading, and international travel which I do every year."

Introduction piece


"Gail Gensler is changing the narrative around aging through lifestyle and fitness influencing. As a blogger, brand ambassador, and event organizer, she embraces and inspires a healthy lifestyle from a “real” woman’s perspective. Her core belief is that age should never determine one’s recreation, appearance, and most certainly, what type of workouts they do!

Gail believes age should never determine how we dress, what we enjoy doing, how we should be portrayed in society, and the types of workouts that we enjoy. Her goal is to change the narrative around aging so that younger people can realize that it's something to embrace and look forward to. Gail also wants to inspire and motivate her peers to never take their wellness for granted, and that a vibrant, healthy life is achievable regardless of age. Now in her 60s, she is still pounding the heavy bag in her boxing classes and living the life she has always wanted to.


With the right mindset, Gail believe others can also live the lives they've always wanted, no matter what year they were born."


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