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Hannah - "Gail motivates me to be a better and healthier person. Three years ago I almost fainted at work, I wasn't eating right, working out, or taking care of my health. She has inspired me to head towards the right path. Now that I am active I feel better about myself, my confidence has boosted, and my health is better. Most important thing, I will be able to see my boys grow up. I am forever thankful and grateful for her guidance, support and enthusiasm."


Genysa - "I support Gail because we have the same thought of life, and we women should encourage ourselves. Together we are stronger!"

Diana - "Gail is a huge inspiration. I've been struggling a lot with aging, it's taken a real toll on me emotionally especially during the lockdowns. When I scrolled through her IG posts, I feel as if I'm looking into my future! Everything you are doing is what I hope for and look forward to doing. Lately I have been struggling with negative thinking, and reading her posts has given me a sense of relief. I feel like now I can shed this negativity and shine on a new light and perspective on my future. I love her inspirational posts and I look forward to seeing her succeed on her journey while smashing the stigma on aging!"

Blondie - "Gail's beautiful and positive energy is contagious and inspirational. I too believe in pro-aging. Gail is the voice for women around the world and encourages everyone any sharing her awesome journey through fitness, health and beauty."

Ivanna - "I had seen Gail at CKO a couple times a couple years back and I've now been following her on social media for a couple weeks now. I'm completely fascinated with her lifestyle. Gail's hard work and dedication are an inspiration to me and give me the push I need to keep going in my fitness journey."

Karen - "I get such a boost whenever I read Gail's posts. She's my daily happy shot!"

Norma - "I appreciate Gail in so many ways. The amount of growth that I have experienced in the past 6 years is invaluable. Gail helped me shape my mistakes and flaws into both professional and life lessons. She's unparalleled!"

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