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Fitness For Life

Fitness is an inextricable part of my brand as a lifestyle influencer. It's something I've always loved and been involved with, and my goal is to inspire others to do so as well, particularly those in mid-life. While it may seem like my focus on this goal is based on the physical benefits people experience through exercise, there's far more to it. When it comes to fitness, the mental and emotional benefits are just as valuable.

THAT is what really keeps you young. This type of thing was quite noticeable to me in my recent travels.


I recently got back from a trip to Switzerland with my best friend and travel buddy, who is near my age (if you get the chance, I HIGHLY recommend visiting this part of the world). The planned tours we took occurred with the same group of people, who were mostly my contemporaries in terms of age.

It was very apparent to me that the time I put in to keep myself physically fit had its benefits to fully capitalizing on exploratory experiences. If there were stairs to a castle, I was climbing them. If there was an opportunity to walk up winding cobblestone streets to reach a picturesque view, I was sprinting up them. If there was an opportunity to take a walk to explore the various cities, I was out there and not resting in the hotel. My energy level was at its peak.

I felt like I was decades younger than many of them, and not because of anything superficial.

These were people who haven't yet embraced a healthy lifestyle. When fitness is not part of your life, it's not only your body that goes un-nourished…

Exercise Energy

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt the energy shift? Places where people work out have a certain feel to them, a vibe that centers around activity and accomplishment. The gym is filled with people that exude these vibes; it doesn't matter if they're in their 20s or their 80s. One of the reasons I quickly got hooked on fitness was because of these feelings.

Guess what? When you commit yourself to a workout routine, you start to take that energy with you. Maybe it's the consistent rush of endorphins you get when you exercise a lot. Maybe it's because you've started feeding off other gym-goers' vibes now that you're spending a lot of your time in there. Either way, there's an unmistakable change to one's mental and emotional state (along with their physical state, of course) once they start putting in the hard work.

Transferrable Change

When your energy changes, your life changes. The most potent weapon I have for changing the narrative about aging is to help change the mental and emotional state of people in the mid-life, like me. When a person, regardless of their age, is infused with youthful, energetic vibes, it helps remove many of the limits imposed on them by societal norms and traditions. After that, there's no telling what someone can accomplish. You could see improvements in your personal life. You could see improvements in your professional life. This type of change just makes you a better version of yourself. Fitness has the potential to make age, as I've said many-a-time, just a number.

Fitness is not just about the body. The mind needs exercise as well. I'm not saying someone in their 70s needs to go out and run a 10K next week. One of the many beautiful things about fitness is its scalability. It's easy to start small! I certainly did not have access to my boxing gym or spinning classes while I was in Switzerland, but I got my work in through tons of walking, climbing, sprinting, and sets of step-ups on benches. Nothing crazy! It's the consistency that matters.

I urge you, no matter your age, to find a routine you can enjoy and that you can improve at. You'll find these regular accomplishments in the gym create a snowball effect, which only accelerates your physical, mental, and emotional growth!

Fitness. It's good for you. Let's get moving, everyone! And please, if you're ever in the stunning country that is Switzerland, see all that you can.


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