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What I Do in the Gym

If you've followed me or have known me for even half an hour, you know I love working out. Since I was a kid, I've just always been athletic. I love the results I see and feel, I love the endorphin rush I get from physical exertion, I love the sense of accomplishment from succeeding at something that makes me exceed my limits and challenges me. I just love pushing myself in the gym.

Boxing /kickboxing is my main form of exercise, as I'm drawn to rotational exercises. I do like to mix it up, though, especially on the weekends. It's good to keep your body guessing! Here's an overview of what I do to stay moving.


Boxing/kickboxing for fitness is just various types of punches and kicks thrown at different targets. The preparation for such an activity, however, is a workout in itself.

I'm blessed to have found two great boxing gyms in TapOut Fitness Miami and CKO Brickell that I go to regularly, although I do visit different boxing gyms intermittently for other incredible coaches. They do a great job getting me ready to perform, as boxing is an arduous full-body exercise when done properly. My warm-up before I throw a single punch often includes things like jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, and sprints. This serves as an active stretch, waking up my muscles and letting them know it's time to start firing.

Once the fists start flying, trainers will mix in heavy bag work with striking pad work. These are usually coordinated series of punches and kicks to amazing music. I've had a bit of a shoulder problem for some time now, so I've decreased the amount of left hooks I throw and replaced them with other types of punches. Modifications are the key to staying injury-free and continued longevity.

No two classes are the same and every session gives me the opportunity to push myself. I’m consistently engaged and challenged, which makes me happy and fulfilled.

Mixing it up

As I said earlier, I think it's important to cross-train. It becomes easier to plateau if you only do one type of workout, for your body will get used to the movement and become more efficient at it. I usually take the weekend to step away from boxing and push myself in other ways.

On the weekends I often mix in HIIT classes. I’m so lucky there are monthly wellness events put on by @brickellcitycentre and those hosted by @stayfit305. I’m always on the search for exciting new trainers for a different and unique experience; I consider these fun adventures. I’ve been blessed to be part of @teamc38 with @carbon38 and have been to so many different gyms to participate in a variety of workouts around Miami. Eventbrite is a wonderful way to discover new trainers and venues too.

All these different experiences keep it fresh and exciting for me, as I know myself; if I don’t have variety, I will get a bit bored. It’s not just a workout for me. It’s an experience.

No magic formula

This is the formula that works for me. I've only recently become a pro-aging fitness-enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, but I've done these types of workout routines for decades. I've enjoyed the results they've produced, but that's not to say they're for everyone.

You just have to find what works for you and what you enjoy doing. To do that, you have to try as much as possible. Take every class that’s available (nearly all gyms will give you one complimentary visit). Swim laps in a pool. Go for a jog. Look on Eventbrite and see what’s offered in your area. There are innumerable avenues to getting in shape, but it's on you to make it happen.

Let me know what you find. I just might join you!


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