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What I do to live a meaningful life

There are few things that every person wants in this world. Not everyone aspires to look, act, or dress a certain way. We don’t all like the same movies or music. We certainly can’t agree on politics. Something everyone shoots for in this thing we call life, however, is meaning.

Living a meaningful life is the often the engine driving us towards happiness (something else everyone wants). Each day should have a purpose, no matter if it involves you directly or someone else as well. Here’s a few things I focus on in order to infuse my life with meaning.

Make time for myself

You have to make time for yourself! This concept is often lost in the daily hustle; everyone is constantly moving from one task to another, never stopping to give themselves a little me-time. This can be unhealthy.

I’m not saying you need to go on some week-long retreat (although traveling is one of my favorite things to do), but you should make it a point to set apart some time for yourself fairly regularly. Some people need a half hour of meditation. Others just need to watch some Netflix. I like to break a sweat in the gym, usually by pounding on a heavy bag!

There are many ways to treat yourself. The point is, embracing your own nourishment recharges your batteries, while also creating an appreciable contrast between the hustle and bustle of everyday life and down time. This can help you understand the meaning of things, as it has for me.

Inspire others

We’re not on this rock alone. Inspiring others is an infinitely gratifying experience and one that I strongly recommend. Everyone has something positive to offer our fellow humans, no matter what your skillset or background is. Doing so helps our society progress, as we can all lift each other up in one way or another.

I aspire to be an inspiration to other women my age. My goal is to change how many people perceive aging, which is a negative thing that should change the way we think, look, act, etc. At 59 years young, my tireless dedication to fitness serves as proof that age is just a number if you truly want it to be. I’d love to work with you if you are looking to achieve this type of mentality!

Live a healthy lifestyle

A meaningful life also comes with taking care of yourself. We only get one shot at this! I try to treat my body as my home, and living a healthy, active lifestyle is my way of maintaining where I live. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

This is not to say that everyone can reach a certain point; we all have our limitations. A 59-year-old certainly does! But a simple understanding of what is good and what is bad for you, along with regular physical activity, can go a long way towards a long, healthy, meaningful existence on this planet.

Seize opportunities

This is a tough one. Opportunities inherently come with risk, which scares some people. Will it be worth it? Will I fall flat on my face? Will I regret it? These are all valid questions. However, living a meaningful life sometimes means you will have to take a leap every now and then, and seize an opportunity that has presented itself.

An opportunity presented itself to me a few years ago in the form of HYROX, a global fitness competition. I had the chance to compete as the oldest competitor in the field. Did I shy away from the challenge because I second-guessed myself? Nope! I did the best I could and had a blast. Now it is a meaningful memory to me.

My next opportunity is rock climbing. Again, not something a 59-year-old typically gets into. But this endeavor was presented to me and I’m doing it; I love the challenge! Plus, it will help me show how women in their 50s should not give in to the limitations set for them by society. The only person that determines your limits is you.

No one ever achieved anything without seizing an opportunity. Will you be ready and willing when yours comes along?


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