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Fitness over 40

This week I have been asked by several followers what advice I would give to  someone in their 40's and above who is considering embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping in mind that I am not a subject matter expert- I'm not a nutritionist and no longer a fitness instructor, I found that my answer came from reflecting back on my life and how I learned to keep fit, fierce and fabulous!

Making the decision to work towards a healthier lifestyle is timeless - it can happen at any point in your life, but how and why should you choose to make yours? From my personal experiences, here is my advice: first of all, congratulate yourself for starting your wellness journey. It is not an easy lifestyle change and will require a willingness to shift your thinking from immediate benefits to long-term benefits. You are making the choice for yourself- to live a longer, stronger life. When you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen, regardless of any obstacles. Find something you enjoy or you will find it much more challenging to be consistent. Decide how you plan to balance the fitness aspect of your wellness journey with the adjustment in your eating habits - one of the most difficult changes to make. The temptation is always there and we are creatures of instant gratification. Choose what fitness activity makes you happy in your life and what foods are best for your individual metabolism. I encourage everyone to think about HOW and WHY they want to begin their wellness journey.

For me, I knew that when I was looking for a fitness activity that would make me feel good and continue to motivate to get better, I found it best to reflect back on the activities I enjoyed in my childhood. As an example, I was on the volleyball team and tennis team, and I was also a champion at tether ball. What was the common denominator here? Being able to hit things! That’s why boxing for fitness resonated with me immediately. One will continue with a routine if they find it fun and engaging. It’s the reason why I look forward to my workouts every day, no matter if I’m working out at home or at my local boxing gym. As for eating habits, the diet will definitely make an impact on your body’s wellness- but everyone’s bodies are different, and therefore everyone’s diets will be different. I have found that staying away from starches and sugar works best for my body, but I also know that to keep myself happy, I will enjoy a treat every now and then. Again, it’s about what works for YOU- and for me, a cookie is worth it when I know that I’ll be working it off on the boxing bag the next morning.  My wellness lifestyle focuses a well researched combination of fitness, nutrition and supplements .

Remember that if you are choosing to start your wellness journey, you have to decide how and why YOU are making this change to your lifestyle. It is a personal journey - no comparing!


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