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Make a plan, not an excuse

We are all filled with a sense of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. I have been working out in a gym or fitness studio lifting and participating in group fitness classes since 1983. It is an intrinsic part of my life for so many reasons.

I am a gregarious person by nature (thank you Daddy) and have always enjoyed the social aspect of group fitness. I have been so lucky to have met so many inspiring and like minded people of all ages, all exuding positivity because they have shown up to do something they live to do together- united by our passion for a healthy lifestyle. Being at the gym is by far the best part of my day and has been a constant for me over many years of attending a large variety of gyms and fitness events.

Now, fast forward - welcome to March 2020. I had a foreboding apprehension that my gym would soon be closing, and even early on I was not comfortable- for the first time EVER- going to sweat in that environment. I was not even comfortable at that point going to the outdoor workouts from one of my favorite trainers for fear of being too close for comfort.

Inspired by a quote from the owner of the company I work for, "CQER- consistent, quality execution regardless of the obstacles" - I made a plan to make it happen.

So who better to ask for advice than a gym owner who I greatly admire and who herself uses Century Martial Arts WaveMaster bags in her gym? I immediately ordered one. Additionally, I ordered a set of weights (good timing - they soon sold out everywhere) and some extra items to make a small home gym in the corner of my condo bedroom. So began my at-home fitness journey.

I had always archived great workouts and, as the days went on, Instagram became filled with even more, and many of my favorite instructors began teaching virtually. I signed up for 3 different local trainers’ programs and was introduced to new instructors from around the globe. What a joy to infuse my workouts on my WaveMaster with new moves and routines.

By this point, I was able to decide how I felt about workouts at home versus those in a social environment.

Let me begin by saying that I am a highly disciplined, focused and consistent person, so for me there wasn't enough time in the day to take advantage of more than 2 workouts a day while also continuing to (thankfully) work. With that being said, the convenience aspect is clear, the ability to have quality right sized equipment in my apartment is amazing and to have the diversity of workouts on my phone is fantastic. I have gotten very creative and been inspired by so many great trainers and have incorporated the stairwell of my building and the benches outside into my new routine.

As I was becoming accustomed to the at-home gym I had created for myself, Miami gyms reopened, and I was suddenly faced with a choice of where to continue my fitness routine. I chose to join one of the boxing gyms whose virtual classes I had been participating in, taking into consideration that it wasn’t too far away and (most importantly) had a very safe space to workout in - an outdoor covered area with a not-too-busy 6 A.M. class. I now have multiple options for my daily workouts!

Whether or not your fitness routine takes place at your home, local gym, or outdoor venue, the most important part to consider is how it makes you feel. For me, I was able to adapt to the change in my workouts and am grateful that I made the investment in my WaveMaster. While I enjoy going to my local gym as I am a social creature, I do appreciate having the alternative of working out at home. Where do you find you like to workout the most? How have recent events taught you to challenge yourself to a new fitness routine? Let me know by reaching out to me on Instagram!

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When I'm in motivated mode, I love working out at home. I have everything I need. But, sometimes I do love a class!

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