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Finding your why


That’s been a common topic that has come across what I read each day.

In this current climate of great uncertainty I see many people ( including myself) on journeys of self reflection and self awareness , trying to get grounded and have control over ourselves as we certainly cannot control what is going on around us. I get asked WHY all the time.

Why do you exercise at the intensity that you do?

Why do you push yourself so hard in the gym at your age ?

Why boxing?

In true Gail Gensler fashion I respond “why not!"

As I have written about in prior posts I have always been athletic and competitive in nature -  not against others - against myself knowing that I am achieving my personal best each and every time. The days I feel like a Champ and the days I dont ( which many times ends up being the best workout!). It’s about personal challenges. It’s about growing, improving, thriving in both mind and body. As the saying goes "the body achieves what the mind believes.“

Exercise has obvious benefits

How I look impacts my self esteem and confidence .  It allows me to help fight the natural issues of aging.

The physical benefits are well documented and proven for longevity, immunity and strength.

I’ve never needed convincing that health needs to be a priority hence my continued research on anti aging, supplements, and my incessant archiving of workouts so that I can be creative and not get bored by redundancy.

I am blessed to have tremendous longevity in my genes, and I want all my years to be strong, productive and healthy years for myself and to be around for my daughter.

With all that being said, my personal WHY is primarily because I love to have fun! Working out is my adult version of playtime. Listening to great music ( personal preferences being EDM, disco, 80’s and 90’s dance music) which gets me dancing during cardio drills and gives me the beat to throw punches and kicks to.

When I’m sweating it out in a class surrounded by like minded people I’m having pure fun.  It’s actually reminiscent of my long ago club days!

I immerse myself in the experience, enjoying the strength, endurance and aptitude I have.

Jumping , mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees are fun (well mayb not the burpees) and nothing is better than hitting the boxing bag, feeling my strength and utilizing my hand eye coordination and mind in executing the combinations .

I’m living in my joyful moment. Improving myself, adding meaning and fulfillment to my day all the while being grateful for my energy and abilities, never once thinking about my age!


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