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Being Single in Your 60s

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

I turned 60 this past January. Now, I’ve made it very clear how little I care about my age (60, so what?!) but being 60 is still a milestone. I am also single.

Being single at my age is certainly non-traditional, but my mentality towards the whole thing makes me live my best life no matter what. Here’s how I approach it.

Thin Pickings

I’m not what you would call an ordinary 60-year-old. People my age do not typically get after it in the gym like I do. They do not travel or socialize like I do either. Granted, as a pro-aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, my goal is to change that. But as of now, there aren’t many men in my age group that can keep up with me, and my preference is to stay within a decade of my age. Common references (music, shows, historic events) are important!

These issues are compounded by the fact that the social activities I enjoy, such as art and fashion events. don’t typically have many eligible bachelors. Additionally, I want to spend this last part of my journey with someone whose moral compass and life goals are aligned with mine.

All in all, these factors limit my dating pool as a 60-year-old (a 60-year-old badass I might add!).

Finding Happiness

“Happiness is an inside job” is one my all-time favorite quotes. Many people rely on external factors to be happy. They need a good job, companionship, a bubbling social life, etc. in order to smile every day. This is a mindset you need to break if you want to find consistent happiness. Being content starts within.

I could compromise and slow down in the gym and in my social life. Perhaps it would increase my dating options, but at what cost? The cost, ironically, would be my happiness. With that in mind, why would I settle for a lifestyle I’d pay for in joy?

I won’t settle for the sake of finding the right guy, and neither should you. I deserve more-so do you. If you want to be happy, consistently happy, work on yourself. Being single is a status, not a destiny. It’s a choice-and my choice is not to be defined by my being single but to use the time wisely to work on myself and gain clarity. My advice? Dress, socialize, and work out the way you want to, no matter how young or old you are. DO YOU. BE YOU. FOR YOU.

Whatever is Meant to be, Will be

Maybe the right guy will come strolling into my life one of these days. I’m hopeful he will, but I’m going to keep being the best version of myself in the meantime. There’s a word in Yiddish, “Beshert." Whatever is meant to be, will be. If you’d like to adopt this mindset, I’d love to inspire you! Reach out to me on Instagram @gailgensler or on my website,

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Great post! Happiness starts from within, and never settle for less than you deserve! xo

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