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Working Through Obstacles at 60 and Beyond

We all go through obstacles at one point or another. No person, no matter how privileged they are or how perfect their life has been, can avoid every hurdle in their professional or personal life. At 60, I like to think I've figured out how to go about my business, but I too have to work through obstacles, often on a regular basis.

How do I overcome them? (Hint: it’s not by slowing down!)

Shoulder Arthritis

I have an arthritic shoulder caused by years of intense physical activity, namely boxing. This kind of thing is inevitable after a while. To some, the natural course of things would be for me to give up boxing, either partially or altogether. I had my fun, but the physical toll is too great for me to continue doing what I love.

Absolutely not. That's not how I do things.

I won't stop boxing. I won't think about it even for a second. Instead, I have turned to a modified approach, as opposed to simply giving it up. These modifications involve different punches and auxiliary core workouts, which lessens the stress on my shoulder. I also try to get a monthly massage and I love using Biofreeze for pain relief, all while eating in a way that keeps my body functioning properly (although I still enjoy my dark chocolate). This routine allows me to keep pounding that heavy bag with a shoulder that's less than 100%.

Whatever your passion is, I urge you to explore modifications if you're experiencing any physical issues. As a 60-year-old pro aging fitness enthusiast and lifestyle influencer, I know the cost of some exercises once you get to a certain age. But trust me, there are ways around nagging injuries. Search for them. Try them out. I experimented with cortisone shots, acupuncture, physical therapy, and plenty other methods before I found one that worked for me. Your passion is too important to give up so easily.

Modified Aging

This concept of modifying things in order to get over certain hurdles, as opposed to giving up, can be applied to aging in general. That's the idea I use my platform to promote. As people, specifically women, enter their midlife, society often tells them what they can and can't do, usually as it relates to fashion and fitness. To use a personal metaphor, society is telling these women to quit boxing. Pick up something more indicative of someone your age.

What I'm promoting is the modified approach. Instead of giving up what you love just because you're in your 50's, 60's, etc., make tweaks in your routine to stay on top of your game. As opposed to taking medications and abstaining from certain exercises, live a healthy lifestyle by staying active. The pro-aging mindset I'm trying to spread allows you to age without getting older. Yes, you will have to modify the way you do things, but giving them up in the face of obstacles? That doesn't have to be an option.

I'll never stop strapping on those boxing gloves, just like you should never stop doing what you love.


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